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Maker’s Mark

by Andrew Owenon November 21, 2017
As of 2016, Maker’s Mark bourbon was the highest selling bourbon in my state.  The label and signature red wax seal are well known throughout the world, and the marketing folks behind the brand have done a great job of positioning it as an entry bourbon to the “premium” range.  Most of you likely know […]

Little Book Batch 1: “The Easy”

by Bobby Longon November 20, 2017
It’s hard to think of a name more synonymous with bourbon whiskey than Jim Beam. Well now it is Beam-Suntory.  And in a move away from the norm, Little Book is a blended American whiskey, not a bourbon.  This is the first of what appears to be an annual limited release blended by Freddie Noe, […]


Auchentoshan 3 Wood

by Andrew Owenon November 18, 2017
Auchentoshan, built in the 1800s and currently owned by Beam-Suntory, is located just west of Glasgow which makes it one of few single malt distilleries in the Scottish lowlands, the southern half of Scotland that is known for farming, rolling plains, and grain distilleries producing gentle column distilled grain whiskies used primarily for blending. While […]

Talisker 10 Year

by Andrew Owenon November 18, 2017
From an outside perspective (at least for this American), there’s something serene and poetic about the Talisker distillery.  A solitary fortress…er, distillery sitting atop sea-battered cliffs on the lonely isle of Skye.  Storms batter the little island while pot stills boil, steam rises from the smokestack into the damp sky, and thousands of casks of […]


Alberta Rye Dark Batch

by Brett Mullinson November 18, 2017
Alberta Rye Dark Batch is an enigma in the global whisky scene, even within the enigmatic Canadian whisky industry, whose rules and regulations would probably give the United State’s TTB or the UK’s Scotch Whisky Association an aneurysm.  Suffice it to say for this review, Canadian whisky laws are lax.  As long as 90.91% of […]


by WBSEon November 17, 2017
Other than the ubiquitous Jameson, there may not be a more well-known Irish whiskey than Redbreast.  Once one graduates on from Jameson or Bushmills and starts exploring the “higher end” of the Irish whiskey aisle, Redbreast is always in the conversation.  Although the Redbreast label has been around since the 19th century, the whiskey has existed […]

Angel’s Envy

by WBSEon November 17, 2017
For the last several years, Angel’s Envy has been carving out its own niche in the crowded American whiskey boom with fairly limited yearly releases of specialty cask finished bourbons and ryes.  Each year, they release a fairly common bourbon finished in port casks, an uber-limited (and uber-expensive) cask strength bourbon finished in port, and […]


by WBSEon November 17, 2017
The distillery, which was founded in 1828, is still owned by the same founding family, currently under the name J & A Mitchell & Company, which also owns the neighboring Glengyle Distillery and William Cadenhead’s independent bottling brand.  Springbank is one of the only self-sufficient distilleries in Scotland, from performing 100% of their own floor […]


Laphroaig 10 Year

by Andrew Owenon November 17, 2017
The Laphroaig Distillery, which is located on the southern coast of Islay, produces some of the most polarizing and unique whisky in the world.  Many love it and many hate it, but few remain neutral towards the whisky from this seaside distillery. Laphroaig was originally established in 1815 and changed ownership a number of times […]


Buffalo Trace

by Andrew Owenon November 17, 2017
Buffalo Trace bourbon, the flagship of arguably the most prolific distillery propelling the modern day bourbon boom, was introduced in 1999 right after the distillery’s owner, Sazerac, decided to change the name from the George T Stagg (sound familiar?) Distillery to Buffalo Trace.  The distillery, located in Frankfurt, is allegedly the oldest continuously operating distillery […]