Chris Morris – Author of Woodford Reserve’s Double Double Oaked

by TW Wrighton March 21, 2019
In a recent conversation with Chris Morris, I may have asked him a question that he has never been asked before, or at least not in a long time. I could tell by the pause before his answer that he thought it an odd question, perhaps not even a real question. But, it’s a question […]

Whiskeys of the Year 2018

by WBSEon December 28, 2018
As 2018 winds down, it’s time again to reflect upon another year’s worth of whiskey endeavors!  The boom shows no signs of slowing down; new distilleries are popping up daily all over the world, and established powerhouses are investing in more stills, aging warehouses, and other measures to increase their production capacities.  Young distilleries are […]

Great Whiskey, Better Moments: WBSE Kentucky Round Up 2018

by Andrew Owenon October 15, 2018
This past weekend, over 100 people from across the nation converged upon Louisville, Kentucky for the first annual WBSE Kentucky Round Up.  As whiskey lovers poured into the city via land and sky throughout the day on Thursday, the unsuspecting riverside city had no idea that it was about to play host to one of […]

New Whiskey Watch: Old Forester Kentucky Straight Rye

by Andrew Owenon April 28, 2018
Brown-Forman (Old Forester’s parent company) recently submitted a label for a new Old Forester Kentucky straight rye whiskey to the TTB for approval (see the image above, taken straight from the TTB website).  Remember, just because a label is submitted to the TTB for approval, there is no guarantee that the whiskey will be released, […]

New Bourbon Alert: Booker’s 30th Anniversary

by Andrew Owenon April 20, 2018
The TTB recently approved a label submitted by Beam-Suntory for Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon (see the picture above, taken directly from the TTB website .  Carrying a 16 year age statement, this batch of Booker’s would be more than twice as old as regular Booker’s batches, and 5 years older than the previous oldest release, Booker’s […]

New Bourbon Rumor: Larceny Barrel Proof

by Andrew Owenon April 13, 2018
Wheater fans, start rejoicing!  A label for Larceny Barrel Proof just passed through the TTB today (see the picture above, taken directly from the TTB’s website) making a release sometime in 2018 seem likely.  Keep in mind that just because a distiller submits a label for TTB approval, there is no guarantee that the whiskey […]

Welcome to WBSE!

by WBSEon November 10, 2017
Hello friends! Welcome to WBSE!  We are a world wide group of whiskey enthusiasts who have joined together to share a passion for all things whiskey.  Whether bourbon, rye, scotch, Canadian, Irish, Japanese, Taiwanese, single malt, single grain, or blended it doesn’t matter where your interest lies – there’s something here for everyone!  Whether you’re […]