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Mr. Bourbon Goes to Scotland

by Brett Mullinson January 14, 2019
“I am a bourbon drinker and I’m interested in scotch.  What should I try?”  This is one of the more common inquiries I receive.  These people are experienced with American whiskey and are ready to expand their horizons.  But, they are like a child who just entered Disney World:  There are so many options that […]

Laphroaig 28 Year

by Brett Mullinson November 16, 2018
Laphroaig has released another aged offering, this time it’s a 28 year, one year older than the 27 year they released in 2017. This is a sherry finished offering, resting for the final 12 months. First matured in different sizes, it’s shifted through a suite of carefully selected quarter casks and butts.  It’s designed to […]

Redbreast Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Redbreast Lustau

by Brett Mullinson August 7, 2018
Redbreast Lustau is a relatively new release by Ireland’s massive Midleton Distillery, and it appears to have become a mainstay in the Redbreast portfolio for the foreseeable future.  To create Lustau, Midleton takes single pot still whiskey aging in sherry and bourbon casks, marries the casks together, then finishes the whiskey for one additional year […]


Aberlour 16 Year Double Cask

by Brett Mullinson March 30, 2018
Like Aberlour’s 12 year old single malt, this southern Speyside distillery also releases a 16 year old using the same “double cask matured” technique.  Rather than starting all of its whisky in ex-bourbon casks and then “finishing” the malt by transferring it to ex-sherry casks (like Balvenie does with their 12 Year Doublewood) Aberlour marries […]

Why Above-Retail Whiskey Pricing Is Not So Bad

by Brett Mullinson March 23, 2018
Anyone who has been a whiskey drinker for very long has likely come across bottles of whiskey on a shelf at prices higher than retail – often much higher.  The first reaction is often outrage.  How dare they try to rip us off?  But, as so often is the case with complicated issues, the fair […]


Highland Park 15 Year

by Brett Mullinson December 7, 2017
Highland Park’s 15 year whisky is the next step up from the 12 year in its age stated range.  You can see the full review of the 12 year, as well as more in-depth distillery information here.  Highland Park uses its geographic location on the Isle of Orkney to the north of the Scottish mainland […]

The Importance of the Cask

by Brett Mullinson December 4, 2017
Inside of one of Springbank’s aging warehouses.  Notice the variety of cask sizes. The Importance of the Cask As whiskey enthusiasts, we not only enjoy the flavor of whiskey, but spend many hours pondering what makes each whiskey different.  What are governing factors that create the diversity and individual complexities of each whiskey?  We want […]

The Price Trap: Venturing into Scotch on a Budget

by Brett Mullinson November 21, 2017
The Price Trap:  Venturing into Scotch on a Budget Every whisky drinker had a first dram, a first bottle, a first bottle over $100, and so on.  We all started somewhere, and it is unfortunate when someone gets turned away from scotch because of one negative experience.  Also, as we progress in our whisky journey, […]


Auchentoshan 3 Wood

by Brett Mullinson November 18, 2017
Auchentoshan, built in the 1800s and currently owned by Beam-Suntory, is located just west of Glasgow which makes it one of few single malt distilleries in the Scottish lowlands, the southern half of Scotland that is known for farming, rolling plains, and grain distilleries producing gentle column distilled grain whiskies used primarily for blending. While […]

Alberta Rye Dark Batch

Alberta Rye Dark Batch

by Brett Mullinson November 18, 2017
Alberta Rye Dark Batch is an enigma in the global whisky scene, even within the enigmatic Canadian whisky industry, whose rules and regulations would probably give the United State’s TTB or the UK’s Scotch Whisky Association an aneurysm.  Suffice it to say for this review, Canadian whisky laws are lax.  As long as 90.91% of […]