New Bourbon Rumor: Larceny Barrel Proof

Wheater fans, start rejoicing!  A label for Larceny Barrel Proof just passed through the TTB today (see the picture above, taken directly from the TTB's website) making a release sometime in 2018 seem likely.  Keep in mind that just because a distiller submits a label for TTB approval, there is no guarantee that the whiskey will get released anytime soon.  But TTB approval is one of the initial steps any new release must take, so I would certainly expect to hear more about this as we head into summer.

While barrel proof bourbons are becoming more common, wheated barrel proof bourbons are still fairly limited.  Besides Maker's Mark Cask Strength, there are very few continuous-release high proof wheaters out there that are accessible to most people.

I will update this article as any new information becomes available.



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  1. Larceny isn’t one of my favorites. But it’s certainly drinkable. I sure give the barrel proof a try if and when it hits the market… Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

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