Clynelish 14 year

by Robert Dianaon March 19, 2019
As part of my whiskey journey, I like to try all sorts of different drams. So, when I get to a store, it may take a while for me to decide what to buy. On a recent shopping excursion, I was having a lot difficulty finding anything interesting until I noticed this Clynelish on the […]

An Evening with Aultmore Part III: Aultmore 2005 (Signatory)

by Andrew Owenon March 18, 2019
Ah, the independent bottler.  Perhaps now more than ever they are being crowned the savior of the scotch industry by the niche enthusiast, who has become at best bored with the cyclical shenanigans of big industry corporations that plague mainstream official bottlings, and at worst contemptible towards them. What is the definition of “cyclical shenanigans” according to the […]


An Evening with Aultmore Part II: Aultmore 18 Year

by Andrew Owenon March 14, 2019
My evening with Aultmore continues on today as I turn my attention to the 18 year old official bottling of this northern Speyside distillery.  I’ve covered the distillery background and several specifics pertaining to Aultmore in Part I of this review series, and I’d strongly encourage you to go back and read it if you […]


An Evening of Aultmore Part I: Aultmore 12 Year

by Andrew Owenon March 8, 2019
At the turn of the calendar to 2019 earlier this year, as I was reflecting on my whisky journey and deciding the direction I wanted to take going forward, one thing I decided to do was explore whiskies from distilleries that were more anonymous to the typical malt fan.  There are dozens of places where you can […]

Glenturret 2004 (Gordon & Macphail Connoisseur’s Choice)

by Andrew Owenon February 19, 2019
If I mention The Famous Grouse to anyone from the casual scotch drinker to the enthusiast, most will recognize the name as their minds conjure up an image of a bottle adorned by a plump red bird that looks like a cross between a robin and a turkey.  The most common question to then be […]


Glengoyne Teapot Dram: NAS King?

by Andrew Owenon February 14, 2019
I should start this review off with a confession, although if you’ve interacted with me in really any capacity then you will not be the least bit surprised to read this:  I loathe everything that non-age stated (NAS) whiskies stand for.  What exactly do they stand for?  Antiquated labeling laws, uneducated consumerism, an over-correction of poor historical […]


Talisker 18 Year

by Blake Cortrighton February 11, 2019
In 2007, the World Whiskies Awards named Talisker 18 Year Old the “Best Single Malt Whisky in the World,” and 12 years later, I agree with that distinction. According to Diageo’s website dedicated to their single malt scotch brands,, Talisker 18 also won Gold in the International Spirits Challenge (2007-2008, 2011), Gold in the International […]

Glenfarclas 105

by Bobby Longon February 7, 2019
The historic Glenfarclas Distillery in Ballindalloch is literally one of the most traditional distilleries in Scotland.  It was officially licensed in 1836, and has been ran by the Grant family since 1865, making it one of few remaining independently owned Scottish single malt distilleries.  While it’s six pot stills make it no small operation (the stills […]


Whisky Dualism Part 1: Highland Park 17 Year “The Dark”

by Andrew Owenon February 4, 2019
Ever the marketing geniuses, the folks at Edrington have been infecting boosting old Highland Park for what seems like forever now, when in reality it’s only been a couple years.  Gone are the old days of classical and fairly bland labels featuring the distillery name, an age statement, and a few minor facts about the […]


A New Direction: Highland Park 1999 (Signatory Vintage)

by Andrew Owenon January 28, 2019
Throughout these first 28 days of 2019, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my role in this website as a writer.  You see, writing about whisky has always been a natural expression of my enjoyment of it.  In other words, from the day I started drinking and seriously enjoying whisky, the fulfillment of that […]