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Redbreast Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Redbreast Lustau

by Brett Mullinson August 7, 2018
Redbreast Lustau is a relatively new release by Ireland’s massive Midleton Distillery, and it appears to have become a mainstay in the Redbreast portfolio for the foreseeable future.  To create Lustau, Midleton takes single pot still whiskey aging in sherry and bourbon casks, marries the casks together, then finishes the whiskey for one additional year […]

Teeling Small Batch

by Andrew Owenon January 26, 2018
While Teeling Whiskey Co. is relatively new to the Irish whiskey scene, the men behind the brand are not.  In 1989, John Teeling started the Cooley Distillery and employed his sons, Jack and Stephen.  In 2011, the distillery was sold to what is now Beam-Suntory, and as part of the sales agreement, the Teelings retained […]

Jameson Irish Whiskey Cask Mates Stout

Jameson Caskmates: Stout Cask

by Andrew Owenon November 22, 2017
Finally forced to innovate and experiment a bit due to the whiskey resurgence that is ongoing in the Emerald Isle, Midleton has started releasing new variations of its most well known label, Jameson.  (For more information on Midleton, the Irish whiskey scene, and types of Irish whiskey, click here).  The concept behind Jameson Caskmates is […]


Redbreast 12 Year Cask Strength

by Andrew Owenon November 17, 2017
I don’t consider myself a proof snob.  If asked what my preferred whiskey ABV is, I typically tell people around 50% for bourbon or 46% for scotch.  One of my favorite whiskies of all time – Highland Park 18 Year – is bottled at 43%.  That said, statistical analysis of my hundreds of whiskey rankings […]

Redbreast 12 Year

by Andrew Owenon November 17, 2017
Other than the ubiquitous Jameson, there may not be a more well-known Irish whiskey than Redbreast.  Once one graduates on from Jameson or Bushmills and starts exploring the “higher end” of the Irish whiskey aisle, Redbreast is always in the conversation.  Although the Redbreast label has been around since the 19th century, the whiskey has existed […]