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Filling Out Your Whiskey Shelf

by Andrew Owenon September 18, 2018
Filling Out Your Whiskey Shelf One of the most common questions I encounter is from people who are just getting into whiskey, or have decided to expand their horizons after drinking only the same couple whiskeys.  The question is often phrased, “What are some good whiskeys for a beginner?” “I’m new to whiskey.  What should […]

The Great Iceberg Debate

by Greg Kevorkianon July 14, 2018
This past weekend, I headed out with a couple of friends to grab a few drinks at our favorite whiskey bar and watch some MMA. Originally we were going to have a tasting party and buy the PPV but after a fight was removed from the card last minute, we decided this was probably a […]


Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye

by Andrew Owenon December 2, 2017
Following my semi-disappointing experience with this year’s limited edition Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye Toasted Oak Finish, which everybody and their mother except for me (and my mother, who doesn’t drink whiskey) seems to love, I started looking for an opportunity to try this standard version of the Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye.  This is supposedly the […]

Jameson Irish Whiskey Cask Mates Stout

Jameson Caskmates: Stout Cask

by Andrew Owenon November 22, 2017
Finally forced to innovate and experiment a bit due to the whiskey resurgence that is ongoing in the Emerald Isle, Midleton has started releasing new variations of its most well known label, Jameson.  (For more information on Midleton, the Irish whiskey scene, and types of Irish whiskey, click here).  The concept behind Jameson Caskmates is […]
Redbreast Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Redbreast 12 Year Cask Strength

by Andrew Owenon November 17, 2017
I don’t consider myself a proof snob.  If asked what my preferred whiskey ABV is, I typically tell people around 50% for bourbon or 46% for scotch.  One of my favorite whiskies of all time – Highland Park 18 Year – is bottled at 43%.  That said, statistical analysis of my hundreds of whiskey rankings […]