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Hello friends!

Welcome to WBSE!  We are a world wide group of whiskey enthusiasts who have joined together to share a passion for all things whiskey.  Whether bourbon, rye, scotch, Canadian, Irish, Japanese, Taiwanese, single malt, single grain, or blended it doesn't matter where your interest lies - there's something here for everyone!  Whether you're a casual drinker or serious connoisseur, whether you drink your whiskey neat or on the rocks (or in a soda!), whether you just want to know if it tastes good or if you want a breakdown of flavor profiles, there is something in WBSE for you!

We are about one big thing here:  Community.  WBSE is first and foremost a hub of friends.  We are not "professionals" nor are we paid advertisers for anyone in the industry.  We are just normal people who love to drink, share, think about, and discuss whiskey - from when its still grain in the field to when its liquid in the glass and every step in between.

So jump in!  Use our written and video reviews to gain knowledge about all kinds of different whiskeys, to make informed purchases or to compare your thoughts to ours.  Feel free to comment and discuss - like we said, we are all about COMMUNITY!  Join the Whiskey Bourbon Scotch Enthusisasts group on Facebook - this is where you can get to know us website authors, as well as the 15,000+ others in WBSE, on a more personal level!  Form friendships, have fun, share information, and if geography permits get together and share a pour!


-Bill, Chad, Andrew, Brett, Bobby, & Greg



13 thoughts on “Welcome to WBSE!”

  1. Site looks great , you guys do a great job weekly.I have learned so much and it’s fun being part of the family you guys have created. Much Thanks


  2. Awesome guys. Great work. I’ve learned so much and still learning. Thanks for building a place for vets and newbies alike. Congrats on the 3yrs and this great accomplishment.

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